Which Dents Can PDR Remove?

Understanding the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) isn’t enough. You also need to know the kinds of dents it can fix. Car dents can result from various causes. Some are due to human ignorance and recklessness, while others result from natural factors like weather conditions.

Some Common Causes of Car Dents

If you happen to come across a van with dents on its body, chances are high they resulted from any of the following.

Bad Weather Conditions 

Extreme weather conditions like hail falls can cause considerable damage to your auto body. Depending on the severity, some hail damages are repairable using PDR, while others are not. 

Sporting Activities 

Summer vacations and other long holidays usually attract various sporting events, including playing golf, baseball, and basketball, among others. Numerous car owners suffer varied dent-related damages annually due to balls from nearby playing fields. Therefore, you can never enjoy the best results unless you know the appropriate dent repair solution. 

Car Collisions 

Like bad weather, you can only minimize the effects of car accidents but can’t prevent them entirely. When head-on collisions occur, dents emerge on various car surfaces. You can eliminate some of them using a PDR procedure. Alternatively, you can try more intensive methods if the marks are more complex.

Dent Types You Can Remove By a PDR Procedure

If you’re considering hiring a PDR technician, ensure the dents on your car have the following characteristics.


A car dent must not be very severe or complex because that would make it impossible for a Paintless Dent Repair. Only shallow damages that haven’t damaged the underlying auto paint are ideal for paintless restoration. Anything beyond that needs conventional options like panel beating and filler material application.


The other critical consideration before settling on PDR is the shape of the dents on your van. Round-shaped marks are easy to fix using paintless processes and usually give impressive finishes. You should exploit other options if the dings are deeper, v-shaped, and with cracks. 

Accessible Undersides

Depending on the part of the van with dents, a PDR specialist may be able to access the backside or not. Therefore, only dings whose underside are accessible to the technician qualify for Paintless Dent Repairs.